Naxxramas Raid Achievements Remain Available – Wrath Classic Phase 2

January 6, 2023

Phase 2 of Wrath Classic is coming very soon to the Live Servers, and Blizzard has posted a statement about the Naxxramas Raid Achievements and the Black Proto Drake. Read more..

One of the most desired Mounts in current World of Warcraft is the Black Proto-Drake. This Mount has been available only during the first Raid Tier in Wrath of the Lich King, back in 2008. This Mount is obtained by completing all Achievements for Ulduar 25-Man, including the very difficult “The Immortal” Achievement. This requires to clear the whole Raid without any player being killed. This Achievement has been removed with the Release of Ulduar. There is also the Plagued Proto-Drake, rewarded for completing all Achievements in Naxxramas 10-Man, but this has been obtainable through the Black Market Auction House.

Blizzard has posted their statement regarding the upcoming Phase 2 of Wrath Classic, and they decided to keep the Mount obtainable throughout the next Phase.

As we approach Wrath Classic 3.4.1 and the release of Ulduar, we want to make sure all players know that the Glory of the Raider Black Proto-Drake, Plagued Proto-Drake, the Immortal title, and the Undying title will remain available to be earned throughout Wrath Classic.

Good luck earning these rewards in the months to come!