World First Heroic Lich King by ‘Progress’ – Wrath Classic

October 17, 2023

After just 94 minutes, Progress claims the World First title to defeat the Lich King in Wrath Classic. This is their second win in the RWF in Wrath Classic after just slightly defeating BEEF BAR in Trial of the Grand Crusader.

World First Race in Wrath Classic

While the Russian guild ‘а кто спрашивал‘ kept up a very fast pace throughout the first four encounters, many guilds decided for a different wing in Icecrown Citadel.

With ‘а кто спрашивал‘ going for Sindragosa first, other guilds went another way and were able to overtake the Russians quickly.

At the end, ‘Progress‘ claims the World First Title do defeat the Lich King in Wrath Classic.

Twitch VoD for Progress World First

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