Wrath Classic – More Trinket Buffed, Meteorite Crystal

February 22, 2023

More Trinkets from Ulduar in Wrath Classic have been buffed with the recent Hotfix. This is an addition to the previous buffs to Trinkets from Ulduar. Read more..

Another Trinket from Ulduar has been buffed to bring it more in line with other Trinkets from Ulduar. Meteorite Crystal mana regeneration was increased to 85 from 68.

Previously repoted, more trinekts have already received a buff:

Comet’s TrailDark MatterMeteorite Crystal, and Sigil of the Vengeful Heart have received a buff previously.

Wrath of the Lich King Classic

  • Items and Rewards
    • Increased the mana regeneration effect on Meteorite Crystal to 85 (was 68).