Wrath Classic – Oceanic Realms Now Queue With American Realms For PvP

January 25, 2023

A lot of feedback has reached Blizzard and now they finally connected Oceanic Realms with American Realms to que for PvP Battlegrounds and Arenas. Read more..

The Queue times for Arenas and Battlegrounds can sometimes be very long, especially as players on Oceanic realms have been reporting. Blizzard has now stepped in to reduce the times to find a match significantly by connecting Oceanic Realms with American Realms!

We’ve seen data and feedback from players on Oceanic realms that they have had very long queues for PvP activities, so we’ve decided to make it possible for them to queue into games with their counterparts in the Americas. This configuration change was made during maintenance today.

The PvP queue system will continue to prioritize matching players with other players in the same region, but if it can’t find a match within the same region in a reasonable amount of time, it will extend the search to include players from both Oceanic and Americas realms.

The change was put into place after Arena Season awards for Season 5 were assigned. It was necessary for us to keep the two regions’ leaderboards separate until after the final rankings were determined.

Thank you for all of your feedback and enthusiasm!