Wrath Classic Season 7 Ends October 3rd, 2023

September 21, 2023

With Patch 3.4.3 for Wrath Classic announced to be released on October 8th, Blizzard revealed that Season 7 of Wrath is ending on October 2nd, just a week before the next Phase releases.

Wrath Classic Season 7 Ends October 2nd

As previously reported, Phase 4 of Wrath Classic starts on October 10th, with the Patch 3.4.3 going Live on October 8th. The new PvP Season 8 will start on October 8th aswell with the launch of Patch 3.4.3!

The current PvP season in Wrath Classic is ending soon. The evening before weekly maintenance, at 10:00 p.m. (October 2 in this region), Season 7 will end. There will be an off-season period until the 3.4.3 patch goes live.
The 3.4.3 patch will then mark the beginning of Season 8 on October 10 in this region.
Have a good fight to the finish!

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