Dragonflight Mythic+ Season 1: Huge Nerfs to Professions in Court of Stars

With the latest Build to the Dragonflight Beta, Blizzard has implemented signifanct changes to Court of Stars. Previously, you were able to use your Engineering and Blacksmithing Profession to trigger certain perks in the dungeon, if you were lucky enough to have these available during your dungeon run.

Previously, these have had significant impact on enemies, saving up a lot of time.

Engineering Orb

 Overloaded!  The overloaded power source causes Guardian Constructs to inflict 25% reduced damage and periodically short circuit, becoming stunned for 5 sec.

Previously, Engineers were able to activate this orb, in order to deactivate all Guardian Constructs in the dungeon. This was a huge time saver due to their Charging Station ability. Now, when this Orb is activated, it will frequently stunn all Guardian Constructs and cause them to deal 25% less damage.


Blacksmithing Trap

 Impaled!  Inflicts 10% damage and increases all damage taken by 25% for 30 sec.

In order to engage the second Boss in Court of Stars, you had to defeat all of her allies guarding her. To achieve this, players are able to defeat the Felenforcer patrolling troughout the Court of Stars. If you were lucky enough to find the Blacksmithing Trap in your run, Hunters and Blacksmiths are able to trigger this trap, instantly alerting one of the Guards, and causing it to walk into the trap which instantly kills them. This especially was granting players a huge advantage, saving them all the time to kill this Guard.

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