Level 70 Premade Character Available in Dragonflight Beta

Players can now create new Level 70 Characters exclusively on the Valdrakken Realm in the Dragonflight Beta. Those Template Character are only available on this realms, while the other realms Tyrhold and Koranos remain unchanged.

Blizzard announced that this realm is going to be used for Endgame Testing, and currently only Solo Shuffle is available. In the future, they are going to add Mythic+ and Raid Content to this Realm.

Along with those new level 70 characters, Blizzard also added profession vendors to Orgrimmar and Stormind, allowing players to also test the new crafting recipes and specilizations. The other server also also not connected to Valdrakken.

We’ve opened the test realm Valdrakken for end-game testing, and it’s here that we’ll look for focused feedback and bug reports on end-game content. Testers on this realm are limited to only Stormwind and Orgrimmar, and can proceed using max level character templates.

To start, we’re testing Solo Shuffle. In future weeks, we’ll make this the realm where we test Professions, Mythic+, and raid content.

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