New Special Offer: 12-Month Subscription for Wrath Classic And Dragonflight

There is a new Special Offer in the official Blizzard Store today! For the first time, Blizzard offers you multiple mounts and other cosmetics for a 12-month subcription. This special offer will also grant you access to the next upcoming 6-month special offer, releasing in early 2023.

This new Special Offer includes: 

Subscribe to our new 12-Month Subscription and, for a limited time*, receive a bounty of items at no additional charge!

Get More from Your Subscription

Your 12-Month subscription includes 3 new mounts along with everything** in the current 6-Month Subscription Offer. You’ll also receive all the rewards from the next Lunar New Year 6-Month*** Subscription.  

What You Get

World of Warcraft

12-Month Subscription Items
Subscription includes access to both World of Warcraft and WoW Classic— including Wrath of the Lich King Classic.

Telix the Stormhorn Mount: Once a simple beetle of the Forbidden Reach, Telix became infused with storm magic when Raszageth was unleashed. With its newly heightened senses, Telix roams the Dragon Isles alongside the Dragonscale Expedition—and you!
Gargantuan Grrloc Ground Mount: It’s the biggest murloc you’ve ever seen!

6-Month Subscription Items
Nether-Gorged Greatwyrm Mount
: Few mana wyrms find sufficiently stable sources of arcane power to reach such a size. A greatywrm’s appetite for mana is unmatched.

Yet to Come
Lunar New Year Bundle

Wrath of the Lich King™ Classic

12-Month Subscription Item

Festering Emerald Drake Mount

6-Month Subscription Item

Tabard of the Flame: A Blazing Addition to your Wardrobe
An epic Tabard of Flame will turn every outfit into a fierce fashion statement!

Redeem your items by accepting a special quest from Innkeepers in any capital city, as well as Landro Longshot in Booty Bay. The quest is available for all Wrath of the Lich King Classic characters attached to a single regional account.

Yet to Come
Lunar New Year Bundle

Purchase 12-Months Now

The 12-Month Subscription renews automatically once your latest subscription billing cycle ends or your current game time expires.

*Promotion valid through January 15, 2023.
** Applies to players who do not currently own the 6-Month Subscription items only.
***The upcoming Lunar New Year 6-Month Subscription special offers will be revealed on or before January 31, 2023.
† Telix the Stormhorn, Gargantuan Grrloc, and Nether-Gorged Greatwyrm not available in WoW Classic titles.
‡  Festering Emerald Drake and Tabard of the Flame not available in modern World of Warcraft.

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