Twitch Implemented World of Warcraft Classic Category - And Removed It Again

On Wednesday, Twitch has made headlines in the Warcraft Community by seperating both categories of players, viewers and streamers. Twitch implemented a second category for World of Warcraft: Classic, which led to the regular World of Warcraft category exclusively for Retail players.

But shortly after, Twitch has reverted this change and removed the World of Warcraft: Classic category again.

While many people have been requesting this change, making it easier for viewers to find either Retail or Classic streamers, without filtering trough hundreds of streamers that might not even play the game they are looking for. This change has been made back in the days for the game ‘Runescape’, which got seperated into a Runescape and the infamous Old School Runescape category. Seperating those two games have been well perceived by the community, aswell as streamers.

World of Warcraft Content Creators have not been very excited about this change, claiming it could have a negative impact for both either Retail or Classic streamers.

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