Path of Exile 3.20 - The Forbidden Sanctum Now Live

Beware Exile! The Sanctum yields wealthy treasures! The new Patch for Path of Exile has officially launched, and Players all over the world start engaging into the new Season 3.20 – The Forbidden Sanctum!

New Expansion – The Forbidden Sanctum

Collect Aureus coins and discover its secrets.

New League Breakdown – Sanctum League

A long-hidden Templar enclave has been possessed by a malevolent entity. Explore a rogue-like dungeon with random rooms and encounters. Deeper floors have stronger monsters and modifiers. Four floors have increasingly dangerous encounters and bosses. Each floor has 8 rooms.

Players select a room, complete the encounter, then visit the reward room in each map.

Your Resolve Level is maintained between consecutive rooms. Resolve is reduced by hits from monsters or traps, and are not mitigated by defences; they deal a small amount of damage but primarily reduce Resolve. Resolve hitting zero will eject you from the Sanctum but does not count as your character dying.

Templar Relics

General Changes & Game Balance
  • Hex Master Keystone – makes Hexes have infinite duration, 20% less Curse Effect

  • Divine Vessels can be used by Right Clicking.

  • Right Click a Chronicle of Atzoatl to view the map.

  • Melee Splash on passive tree

  • New totem melee mastery?

  • Can open up to 4 Breaches at a time.

Monster Modifier Rework
  • Archnemesis system removed.

  • Simpler modifier descriptions, closer to how monster modifiers worked pre-Archnemesis.

  • Reward modifiers are hidden. More mods = more chance for rewards.

Endgame Atlas Improvements
Atlas Tree Revamp
Atlas Memories

Fracturing Shard -> Fracturing Orb. Fractures a random modifier on items with 4+ mods. Drops from Harbinger. Fracture craft removed from Harvest

Skill Gems
  • Volcanic Fissure – Slam the ground, creating a winding fissure that deals area damage while travelling outwards. When it reaches the target location it erupts, releasing a burst of molten projectiles. Requires an Axe, Mace, Sceptre, Staff or Unarmed. Fissure travels to cursor and summons a geyser of magma balls.

  • Frozen Legion – This spell consumes multiple cooldown uses to summon icy Statues in a ring. Each Statue uses your Frozen Sweep attack once before vanishing. Requires an Axe, Mace, Sceptre, or Staff. This skill cannot be triggered, supported by Spell Echo, or Unleash, or used by Totems, Traps, or Mines. Frozen Sweep is used by your Statues to deal damage in an area around them while stepping forward. This skill cannot repeat and can only be used by Statues from Frozen Legion.

Vaal Skills
  • Vaal Flicker Strike – causes several additional repeats faster dealing no damage but inflicting a wound debuff, then deals a single hit to affected enemies based on number of debuffs at the end of attack. Can hit the same enemy multiple times.

  • Vaal Cleave – killing Rare or Unique enemy buffs Cleave’s AOE, damage, and grants culling. Killing Rare enemy grants Monster Mods for 20 seconds.

  • Vaal Volcanic Fissure – A fissure travels to a targeted enemy, creates a geyser of magma balls, then repeats a fissure to another random enemy x4 additional times (autotarget).

  • Vaal Caustic Arrow – Fires an Arrow that pierces all targets and leaves a linear trail of Caustic Ground under the path of the arrow. Does not stack with other Caustic Ground effects

  • Vaal Blade Flurry

  • Vaal Venom Gyre

  • Vaal Molten Strike

  • Vaal Smite

  • Cursed Ground Support – Supported skills create cursed ground. Enemies on the cursed ground from a supported skill are cursed with that hex.

  • Hex Bloom: Hexes from Supported Skills are transferred to all enemies within a certain distance when Hexed Enemy dies.

New Uniques (8/15+)
Boss Kill Race Pinnacle Uniques (5/8)
  • Regular Eater/Exarch, ben – (from Archnemesis Boss Race)

  • Uber Eater – jungroan – Nimis – Projectiles are fired in random directions and return at end of flight

  • Uber Exarch

  • Uber Maven – ben – Progenesis – Amethyst Flask, causes 25% of Life loss from Damage taken to be taken over 4 seconds instead

  • Uber Sirus – steelmage – Oriath’s End – explode flask

  • Uber Venarius – rawlnx – Rational Doctrine – Jewel, Consecrated Ground vs Profane Ground based on Str/Int

  • Uber Uber Elder – ziz – Soul Ascension

  • Uber Shaper – gucci – Entropic Devastation – Spells Impale on crit. Grants Call of Steel and increased effect of Spell Impales.

Uber Boss Kill winners

  1. Ben (Darkee)

  2. imexile (nickexile11)

  3. Zizaran

  4. GucciPradas

  5. jungroan (jezie)

  6. Steelmage

  7. rawlnx (formerly z4kur)

Other New Uniques
  • Anathema – Curse Limit is equal to max Power Charges

  • Eternal Damnation – reduces Max Resistance but increases Elemental Damage Reduction by half of Chaos Resistance

  • Firesong – Ignite Duration on You applies to other Elemental Ailments

  • Witchbane – When you kill an enemy by a non-aura Hex, become Immune to Curses for remaining Hex Duration

  • Stormshroud – Chance to avoid being shocked = chance to avoid all elemental ailments

Reworked Uniques
  • Curse Unique updates

  • Heretic’s Veil – +2 Curse Gems, buffed reservation efficiency for Curse Gems

  • Fated End

  • Coward’s Chains, Coward’s Legacy or Soul Mantle no longer have increased effect of curses

  • Sources of Hex on Hit no longer have increased effect

  • Ylfeban’s Trickery – 100% chance to Curse Enemies with random Hex when they hit you, ignoring Curse Limit

Buffs to endgame weapons

New Div Cards (1/10)

Ruthless Mode
[Kirac Vault Pass 4 – # skins.]
  • Forge Series

  • Clockwork Back Attachment – builds up during killstreak, releases steam at end of Rampage

  • Delirious Hideout Decoration – Delirium Fog in hideout, Delirium monster apparitions and Strange Voice voicelines

  • Forgeguard Armour Set – shows animation while crafting affixes

  • Ethereal Fusing Effect – shows sockets and links above character while crafting, other players can congratulate you on 6-link

  • Crowstorm Portal Effect – causes Crows to fly around it if the player is far away

  • High Templar Weapon Effect – smites undead and scours the souls of undead you kill

  • Gemling Series

  • Beehive Weapon Effect – covers your weapon in honey and causes bees to erupt on hit; crits creates big bees

  • Stampede Quicksilver Flask – Ghostly Rhoas on Quicksilver Flask

  • Gemling Artificer Armour Pack – gear slots shows your socketed gems and animations on crafting Gems/special level up

  • Prospero’s Ring – drops coins around you and fist bumps players you trade

  • Consuming Ooze Pet – consumes corpses and turns them into bones

  • Cadiro Perandus Hideout Decoration – Cadiro can be invited as a Vendor and Div Card redeemer in hideout